Sunday, October 16, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016

Setting out on our first coffee-neuring ride of the new season.  Tsuki has spent the summer resting because she tore her ACL in the spring and was ordered by the vet to avoid running, jumping and playing for 6 weeks.  I have also had a busy summer and have only taken her out on a couple of short runs.  She is doing much better so I decided to have her join me on the first ride. I decided to take her out to the new trail that opened up this summer that connects Southcreek trail and Wilson's Creek, which provide even more trail and less road time to my 17 mile loop.

It is a beautiful morning.  The temperature is in the 70's and the sun is shinning.  It rained really well a couple of days ago and the trees are starting to change color. There is nothing more to ask for to make it better.  

I decided I would just make my own coffee and find a good spot for us to sit and enjoy it  and the new gazebo and the new trailhead was a great spot to stop.  Tsuki had already run a couple of miles at this point and was needing a break so we enjoyed the gazebo while I drank my coffee and she had some water.  

Once we started back and got on the new section we had to pass the gate that kept the cows in their pasture.  

Tsuki was a little nervous about the cows being so close, but she stayed and the trail and didn't make eye contact with them and they watched her carefully as she ran by.  They seemed to be as cautious of her as she was of them, halfway through this portion of the trail, she really started to slow down so she spent most of the rest of the ride on the back of Kapua.

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  1. I am a new blogger and noticed your blog and read a lot about it i think it is very cool how you can ride on a bike with a dog and that you also geocache, because i do that too.