Sunday, November 8, 2015

More coffee and geocaching

My plan for the morning was to take some warm coffee to drink while geocaching to the Greater Springfield Farmer's Market and seeing if they had something warm and caffeinated to drink.  That farmer's market is usually more about the produce than the extras and sometimes don't have much available for coffeeneuring.  So I stopped at this geocache ( and dug around some leaves, weeds, and moldy scat.  I saw a pen and thought how ironic that was to find at a geocache, and just moved it out of my way.  I finally gave up, took a photo, and moved on.  Tsuki was really tired of waiting and was ready to move!
I went to the next park that had 3 or 4 Battleship caches and stopped at this bus stop and started looking.  I looked all around the bench and found nothing, so I started widening my search and in the grass by the curb, I found a pen, that looked JUST LIKE the other pen at the last cache.  That reminded me of the clue: While aboard the USS Missouri when you are writing home remember your penmanship and I realized it was the cache.  I opened the pen, and there it was!  VERY wet, I got a fresh piece of paper, signed it and added to the cache.  
Now I need to go back to the first geocache and sign that log as well!  I moved on to the next two geocaches in the same park, with the same hint, but was unable to find them.  I think they may have been picked up by someone, not realizing it was a cache, or maybe washed away or cleaned up with the leaves.  I didn't waste a lot of time looking since I now knew what I was looking for, so I moved on to the next cache and found it very quickly.  It was nicely dry, so I signed, took a photo, and moved on.  
  I was needing to go to A&B Cycle and sign up for a class on bicycle repair.  They open at 10 am and it was around quarter till, so I decided to skip the Farmer's Market and head to the bike shop! Tsuki and my bike got a lot of compliments while we were there, and once we were done, I took her out to the grass so that she could get any business done that she couldn't do in the shop and correctly get my clothes layers right for the temperature outside.  She was bored and decided to be cute!

Longer ride with Tsuki

Sunday, Oct 25th, 2015: I decided to do my 15-17 mile bike route around town that stays on the trails.  There are a couple of multi caches on the route that I had been avoiding. I looked at them and saw that they weren't difficult after all but they did require getting some information and manipulating numbers so we (Tsuki and I) headed out around dawn.
I found the locations and took pictures of the clues and then rode to Classic Rock & Coffee. The staff was super friendly and once they saw Tsuki waiting outside, kept going on about how cute she was. One of the staff came out to pet her and took our photo. 
I ordered the recommended oatmeal and a warm mocha and sat outside to keep Tsuki company.  I gave her a little almond and oatmeal but she didn't like the almond. However when I was done, I let her have the bowl and she held it close and licked it clean. 
I solved the geocaching locations but decided to continue on my route instead of going back to find them. So a found another cache down the road and the we continued ride another 15 miles for a total of nearly 18 miles.