Sunday, June 21, 2015

Longest Weekend of 2015 - Summer Solstice

On our way to market
It has been a long time since I have taken Tsuki on a ride with Kapua and decided that this weekend, having the most sunlight of the year would be a good time to take them both out.  I needed a few things from the Farmer's Market and it is a perfect place to take them both.  I found a nice shaded spot to park Kapua while Tsuki and I shopped.  
In the shade

While in the parking lot on the way to the market, someone driving by asked me how I get her to stay on the back of my bike.  I am asked this question often and realized that I don't actually "get" her to stay there.  I simply provide her a place to sit when she is tired.  She loves being out with me so much that she stays put.  She also discovered that jumping off when the bike is moving hurts.
On Sunday I took them out again, but this time we went for a longer ride on the trail.  We rode through the park and saw the goslings growing up.   The heat and humidity was pretty oppressive, so we had an emergency trip to Andy's, where Tsuki got a free doggie cone!