Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Ride

My plan was to ride this morning before the snow arrived around lunch, but I woke up to snow already falling. My goal for this year is to ride at least 200 miles each month but the weather this month has kept me off the roads. I figured if I started early I should be able to get the 25 miles needed easily before eleven, but with snow already falling I knew it wouldn't happen. However, I decided to take Tsuki with me and see how many miles I could get in before it got worse.  As I started, the ground was already covered and I found some ice underneath so I stayed close to home, avoided cars and got just over 3 miles of snow riding. Not close to 25 but it was fun. I didn't take any pictures while out but did get some of Tsuki's beardcicles before we went in the house.