Monday, December 26, 2016

Lake Ride

It was a beautiful day on November 13th , a little cold, but it was supposed to hit 60 degrees (F) and the sun was shining.  We had a wonderful, nearly 40 mile ride around three different local lakes.  It was a no-drop ride and we had a new rider on a heavy mountain bike and there were several intense hills.  We took our time and enjoyed the ride at whatever pace was needed.  I love riding with a group of people who appreciate the help to make themselves better. We have a great community of cyclists here.

As we got back into town, we saw that Eurasia Cafe was open on Commercial Street.  This is a spacious coffee shop that allows us to bring our bikes inside while we enjoy a a cup of coffee or breakfast. I just had their warm mocha with soy, but if you are riding your bike on Commercial Street, make sure and stop at Eurasia for a cup.  It was cooling down because the sun was setting, and it was dark by the time we were heading home, but it was a wonderful experience!

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