Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fork and Ride: SBC

Sunrise over Battlefield
   Wonderful, cool, fall morning on October 29th with a group of local cyclists, all meeting and riding the trails before dawn.  We got to watch the sun rise while riding and throughout the ride, the mist was still rising off the fields.  It was such a beautiful morning with wonderful friends, many of whom I have not been able to ride with for several months.  It was great to see them and have a chance to visit with everyone while riding this morning.

The fields were beautiful as we passed them and I couldn't help but pull out the phone for a wonderful shot. 

 We even got to ride through the "haunted forest"!  There were a lot of scary monsters and villains along the path.  Hang on to your bike and keep pedaling! We made it through and didn't lose a single friend, although we started to wonder when a couple of them took longer to get through the "forest".  It turned out that they were expecting one of us to jump out behind every obstacle, so they were riding super slow.  This was actually a detour from the originally planned ride, but worth the extra time, although my stomach was really ready for food by the time we got to our breakfast destination.

As you can see we had to get this great big table to fit all of us together for breakfast at Springfield Brewing Company.  I had a simple breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, but others had the bacon and sausage pancakes. I also didn't have any coffee with my breakfast, so I invited everyone to join me afterwards for Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Coffee at my house to fulfill my Coffeeneuring challenge #4 for 2016!  By the time we go to my house it was just Juana, David, Michael and me, but we had a great cup of coffee and they got to say hi to Tsuki, who had to catch the Frisbee a few times for our guests. All in all it was a GREAT morning!
Coffee at my house!

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